Multi-Clay Trap

We have introduced a Knife Splitter Roller System into this latest trap. This means the trap can throw standards, midi’s and mini’s, in any combination from the same carousel.

The Supermatch Multi Clay can be used as a dedicated standard trap, or with the fitting of either midi or mini (or a mixture) inserts, can offer a variety of birds.

-Throws standards, midis or minis in any combination from the same carousel

-Inserts quickly interchangeable

-Comes complete with Tilt Base

-Comes with 2 inserts of choice

-Available in 6 or 8 Stack

-No Setting Required

-Trap weight - approx. 60kgs

-Recocking time - 1.5 seconds

-Heavy duty motor and gearbox

-Slotted Base for windage adjustment

-Accurate & easy adjustment of arm parking

-Hi-tensile aluminium arm

-Hard wired circuitry with 40 amp fuse in Supermatch Six (circuit breaker in Supermatch Eight)

-Unique multi adjustable base with no spanners required for elevation, spring tension or tilt