Bowman Traps

Bowman traps has been established for over 40 years and even today we have original traps being used at grounds and by individuals. Our traps, including the more recent automatic traps, have been designed and built to last with:

-The use of casting technology, which is completed in-house to maintain quality.
-The best quality materials
-Features such as enclosures for bearings

Clay pigeon traps and bases to suit all disciplines:


-ABT (Automatic Ball Trap)

-DTL (Down the line)


-Olympic & Universal Trench

-Double Trap

With low and high capacity carousels, solenoid release, timer interrupters, turn buckle adjustments, low trap heights to suit all trap houses and cross wind adjustment for true level flight, you can be sure of supreme performance.

By using innovative designs and manufacturing techniques, we offer outstanding reliability and value for money.